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Je hoeft natuurlijk geen wielerprof te zijn voor het krijgen van een sportmassage!

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Since the begining when I started cycling I noticed you should take care of your body to get the best performance! This means training hard, healthy food and a good rest! Ofcourse a nice massage will helps you very much.
Ofcourse you don't have to be a professional sportsman of woman to make an appointment for a sportsmassage. Moreover, I offer a different kind of massages! Look in the menu at massages.

in these years where we demand more and mores of the employees, it takes more of your body and mind. Sometimes you will notice it because of your health/
More and more we feel the pressure of our job in the 24 hour economy. In whick we are connected all the time with the internet. But every once in a while we need to relax a little bit to refill.

Call for an appointment to relax an hour and clean up your mind!


Everybody can make an appointment for a sportsmassage. We all have somethimes some pain in the back/neck/shoulders or in the muscles. This can be after a stressfull day in the office or after sporting.


This is a great massage with the focus on relaxing and peace. With lang and peacefull effleurage, kneading you will find your rest. During the relax massage you don't need to think at anything, just recharge the battery!

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine of the world, out of India. The ayurveda massage is a part of that.
The therapeutic massage i donbe with original oil of India. Depending of your complaints a make the right choice.

Hot-Stone massage

A Hot-Stone massage is a relaxing massage with heated basalt stones. Thos warm basalt stones arises out of hot lava out of volcanos. The basalt stones are being heated in a little oven. You lay on the massage table, almost completely covered with towels. Only the part that is being massaged is uncovered,

Sense massage

A sense massage is a relaxing, sometimes exiting, sometimes a little bit sensual massage. during this massage I ccombine several techniques. During this expanded massage I the whole back of your body and will try to exite your sense. All this will take place in a safe placce with the right atmosphere.


In the modern world we are always looking for an original gift to our partner, parent boy- of girlfriend. Specially during Christmas, a birthday, secretary day, mothers of fathers Day. Order now your giftcard and give an original present to the person you take care of.

Medical Taping

Medical taping a a mordern way of taping started at the end of the previous century. The elastic tape is available in different moder colors, supports the muscles and the healing proces the the body itself. 

Student Massage

Especially for students we have a special massage. They go daily to school and sit at the school desks with there books and laptop. All there perfomance if focussed on the mental part. But how is your body? Do you train regularly your body? you body need also some excercise. A good massage is the need of all bodies.

Touch-Pro chairmassage

A Touch-Pro chairmassage is from origin a japanes accupressure massage which takes about 15 - 20 minutes and is perfect for the office! so, no valuable time is lost. The massage takes place with your clothes on, sitting in an ergonomic chair. We treat your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and hips.

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