Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda is anaturopathy which find his origin about 5.000 years ago in India. The name ‘Ayurveda’ coms from the Sanskriet and contains 2 parts: “Ayus” which means life. And “Veda” which means science. The ayurveda tries to solve the cause of the problems. The philosophy is that Ayurveda threats body and mind as one.

Ayurveda is a powerfull practice of medicine, the massage (Abhyanga) is a part of that. Like the food. The massage oil is a mix of a lot of herbs. What kind of oil you choose depends of the Dosha of the person and his health problems. Ayurveda is an important part of the Ayurveda science.
The Ayurveda massage is a massage of the complete body. The front and the back including the face, hair and feet.

Ayurveda helps good by chronical health problems, like Diabetic type II, burn-out, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, kidney stone and digestive disorders.
You can make an appointement for a therapeutic massage of a wellness massage.

Treatment: during the ayurveda massage your whole body will be taken care of.

Timeframe: An Ayurveda massage takes about 1,5 hour (90 minutes).

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