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experience the warmth of the basalt stones during
a delicious Hot-Stone massage

Make a choice of the massage of 1 or 2 hours

Hot-Stone massage

A Hot-Stone massage is a relaxing massage with warm basalt stones.
These basalt stones found his origine in hot lava of vulcanus. During ages thos stones become beautiful round of shape.Tose basalt stones will be warmed by a little over. You take place on the massage table, covered with towels. When I am Only the part that will be taken care of is not covered with a towel.

First of all i let you meet the warm basalt stones, and i will massage with them. The warmth of the stones get in to the muscles and bones. By this the fatigue and the tension in the body. Tha massage will we with and without stones. My hands will move slowly over your body in big circles and movements. The Hot-Stone massages will take place from your head till your feet.
the result of combination of warmth and movement is that i can touch you deeper in the muscles and make the massage more effective. During the massage you feel more enjoyable and relaxed. After the massage you can come easily back to earth.

By the magnetic power of the stones, the body gets more energy. A Hot-Stone massage helps the body to recover more fast, removes the waste of the body, stimulate organs and get the body more in balance.

A Hotstone massage is very suitable in case of:
- muscle and/or nerve pains (fybriomalgie)
- stress, burn-out
- joint problems
- bad blood flow
- back/neck complaints
- general fatigue complaints

It is good to have a light meal before you receive a massage. 

What is the price of an Hot-Stonemassage?
Check on the page rates for the prices of the massages.

Treatment:       You can choose for a complete Hot-Stone massage of the whole body inclusive the face. Or only the back side of your body. 
 Timeframe: The complete Hot-Stone massage of the whole body takes 2 hours.
The Hot-Stone massage of only the back side of your body takes 1 hour.

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