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This massage is great, relaxation is a central point. During the massage you do not need to think about anything and just to enjoy. during this massage your tension decrease.

During a relax massage your comlete back will be massaged (including the feeth) with etheric oil.
With the smell of a nice incense it becomes complete. The massage is effective to relax and decrease the stress in your body and muscles. Your muscles will have less tension, it ease the headache and reduce your sleep problems.After a relax massage your feel regenerated and much more energic. During the massage your body is covered with towels. Only the part that is being massaged is free. The choise of the massage oil is depending on the client and his possible complaints.

What is the price of a relax massage?
Visit the page with the rates to find out about the prices of the massages

Treatment:       At a relax massage the back side of your body is being massaged. Including your feeth.
Timeframe: A relax massage takes about 60 minutes.

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