To make an appointement for a sports massage you don't need to be a professional sportsman. Everybody feels somethimes his muscles and some pain. This can be due stress or your job.

When you are recovering from some puslce problems it is good to make an appointement for a sports massage. It improves recovering your body.

Moreover a sports massage has also a preventive function. It helps your body to keep in good shape.



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When you gets regular a sports massage it's can have the following positive effects:
- relaxing effect on body and spirit
- reducing pain
- beter recovering of seniw, muscles and attachements after a overload
- improve the blood flow of muscles
- prevent sports injuries

When you get a sports massage we use the massage oil of Sports Balm.

Treatment: a sports massaga contains a part of the body. For example the legs (front and back) or the back and shoulders.

Timeframe: A sports massage takes about 40 minutes.

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